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Provides self-management platforms for rising talent in sports, entertainment, and politics and offers a personalized talent approach for those who excel in JBM

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Working with our platforms, we systematically manage athletes in sports and locations that JBM will develop. This allows us to focus on developing the exact talent that will make these ventures successful.


The following example shows how we use tech to help recruit, maintain, and show our team, clubs, and athletes:

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JB Talent in Entertainment makes it possible for rapid creation of new media, intellectual property, and corresponding productions that highlight our talent. Take a look at our talent in action:

Beauty Boyz
The Last Time I Saw Him
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Developing Next Artist (DNA)

Sparked by the creative direction of Filipino entrepreneur, Elm Pizarro, and under the development of Burmese philanthropist, Joshua Chit Tun, DNA develops #NextGenArtists to succeed in emerging markets and new media. DNA partners with the first dance, online community, Boogiezone, that has over a decade of growth and relationships with entertainment industries worldwide. Backed by JBM Consortium (JBM), Latino strategist, Brian Antezana, deftly positions DNA to capitalize on JBM's pervasive network in established and developing industries.

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In order to properly prepare #NextGenLeaders to lead governments and to solve humanity's greatest issues, JB Talent carefully create and cultivate promising candidates into high profile #NextGenLeaders that can be deployed anywhere and are more than ready to lead nations.

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