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Creates, manages, and consults governments, political candidates and organizations, communities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) on strategic partnerships and integration into JBM

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NGL International

#NextGenLeaders are a new class of world leaders that change the world by collaborating together in disparate industries, such as education, community organization, politics, tech, new media, and governments. They embrace the responsibility to make sure that future generations will prosper. They create, accelerate, and acquire innovative leaders to lead and unify the world to improve humanity's future.


#NextGenLeaders political candidates believe that governments and politics need leadership from younger generations since they live with the consequences of their decisions the most. 

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STUDENTdirect Foundation

"Shape a student. Shape the future."


STUDENTdirect provides programs in line with their mission:


"To improve students' education, résumé, and portfolio by promoting cultural diversity as well as the values necessary for future leaders and providing practical experience by solving real-world problems"


STUDENTdirect operates through the following organizations:

STUDENTdirect manages the following programs:

STUDENTdirect develops community partnerships through the following:

STUDENTdirect's community giving focuses in the following areas:

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A JBM Community, Inc, Development




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